Chengdu’s Highlights in 2018


Which thing that took place in Chengdu in 2018 impressed you most?
Here are the key words about the most important events we chose for you.
Made in Chengdu
hights of chengdu in 2018
The Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Ltd. announced January 24 that Wing Loong ID,
a new type of China's home-developed reconnaissance-strike-integrated unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of Wing Loong series,
made its maiden flight and put on market in 2018.
The UAV, developed, manufactured and delivered in Chengdu, is all-composite and high-performance.
123 Volvo XC60s, compact luxury crossover SUVs manufactured at Volvo's Chengdu plant
were shipped from the city to Russia in November,
marking the first motor vehicles made in Chengdu were exported abroad through the China-Europe express railway.
More and more products made in Chengdu are emerging on the international market, showing the city's great strength, ability to innovate, as well as creativity.
Tianfu Culture
highlights of chengdu in 2018
As a city's root and soul, culture plays an important role in the economic and social development of a city. The Tianfu Culture,
the essence of Chengdu which has sustained the city socially, culturally and economically for thousands of years,
is giving the city new life and vitality.
Co-organized by the World Cities Culture Forum (WCCF) and Chengdu Municipal People's Government,
the World Cities Culture (Tianfu) Symposium was convened June 20-22 here in Chengdu.
It brought together delegates from WCCF members and countries along the Belt and Road,
as well as representatives from foreign chambers of commerce in China and cultural & creative organizations at home and abroad.
Innovative and creative, elegant and fashionable, optimistic and inclusive, friendly and public-spirited,
the connotations of the Tianfu Culture, one of the hot topics for the symposium,
are of great significance to Chengdu which is striving to become a famous world cultural city.
Tianfu Greenway
chengdu highlights in 2018
The Tianfu Greenway is far more than a greenway with green spaces, parks, paved trails and sports facilities along it.
It is a massive green network functioning ecological conservation,
leisure and recreation, sports, socio-culture, as well as transportation, etc.
Chengdu has been pushing forward the construction of the Tianfu Greenway
since it launched the massive citywide project on local green development.
By the end of 2018, Chengdu had built 2,607-kilometer greenways (of which 1,914 kilometers were completed in 2018),
including the 63-kilometer Jinjiang Greenway, nearly completed Panda Greenway,
180-kilometer Jincheng Greenway, and a 24-kilometer bike path connecting the Jincheng Lake and Qinglong Lake.
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
chengdu highlights in 2018
The 2018 National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week was held in October across China, with Chengdu as its main venue.
A variety of activities and programs, including the opening ceremony, a theme exhibition,
and a conference on comprehensive reform to drive innovation and establishment of platforms for innovation & entrepreneurship,
were convened during the week in Chengdu.
In recent years, Chengdu's total investment in sci-tech R & D grows 11.5% annually,
with the number of patents for invention per 10,000 people increasing by 18.8% each year.
For the time being, the city is home to 110 major national platforms for hi-tech innovation.
It has planned to build 10 knowledge-driven economic circles around local universities,
which will attract an investment totaling RMB1 billion from universities, research institutions and social investors.
City of Panda
chengdu's highlights in 2018
The giant panda is one of the iconic images of Chengdu, which can be seen everywhere in the city.
In October, Chengdu launched the "City of Panda" project, which, covering an area of 69 square kilometers,
will serve as a multifunctional venue for panda conservation, scientific research, public education,
international exchange, leisure and recreation, cultural creativity, and outdoor sports.
The mascot panda designed by is the site's image ambassador,
which is an epitome of Chengdu with green and sustainable development.
Aesthetics of Chengdu Lifestyle
chengdu's highlights in 2018
In November, the Chengdu International Fashion Week 2018 was staged here in the city.
As the first creative fashion event highlighting modern lifestyles, it attracted widespread attention from the global fashion scene,
putting the Chengdu lifestyle under the spotlight.
chengdu fashionchengdu fashion
As a city where east meets west, tradition meets modernity, inheritance meets innovation,
and fast growth meets slow life, Chengdu, with cultural diversity,
develops a unique oriental aesthetics of lifestyle in China.
Western Sichuan-style Linpan
chengdu highlights in 2018
As a living environment with distinctive local features and
a long history going back to over 4,700 years ago,
western Sichuan-style Linpan is interlaced with farmhouses, bamboo forests, bushes, rivers and canals, farmland and so on.
In 2018, Chengdu set up a fund of RMB10 billion to build towns with unique local features,
and to reserve and renovate the Linpan, which plays a vital role in transforming the local mode
of rural economic development and in boosting the city's rural revitalization.
International Traffic Hub
chengdu highlights in 2018
At a municipal conference on Chengdu's opening-up to the outside world held in June, the city put forward to speed up its pace
to become an international traffic hub and further opening up to the outside world in the next stage.
In 2018, Chengdu opened the regular international air passenger routes to London, St. Petersburg, Cairo, Tel Aviv, Vientiane and Copenhagen,
as well as the international air cargo routes to Frankfurt and Chicago, increasing the city's total international (regional) air routes to 111.
According to statistics, so far the China-Europe Express Rail Cargo Service has operated 12,000 trains in total
and the service can be available in 56 cities in China and 49 ones in 15 European countries.
With the construction of Tianfu International Airport in full swing,
Chengdu is stepping up its efforts to establish a global transport network connecting the world.

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