Chengdu Qingbaijiang Railway Port Area


Relying on the advantages of land porrs such as Chengdu Railway Container Hub-the largest in Asia, the railway port, and the Bounded Free Trade Center(B), Qingbaijiang is becoming an important hub in mainland China through which economic and trade bonds are forged between China and Central Aisa and European countries. This is a palace where you can do business easily with the whole world.

Chengdu Railway Port
Chengdu Railway Port has standardized supervision sites, first-class supervision environments, and seamlessly coupled physical checkpoints. It offers 'one-window integrated services', and is the first to start pilot customs coopertation featuring 'granting clearance for entry or exit on the condition of only one declaration and one inspeciton'. It hase achieved an across-the-board mode of customs clearance for entry and exit by cooperating with 12 customs regions in the Yangtze River basin, featuring 'multiple declarations, multiple inspections, and independent transport'. A network of cross-border regular trains the features 'one major checkpoint assisted by a number of auxiliary ones and multiple direct-access' and a cross-border goods distrbution hub with Chengdu as the pivot have been formed. At present, it has been approved gradually as the national open port, the customs supervision center of multimodal transport and the first demonstration project of multimodal transport. It will soon be approved as the designated port of grain,fruits and wood.
1.enterprise port services being free of charge
2.commiting that custom clearance will be finished in 2 workdays for general cargo
3.independent price verfication for customs
4.presenting inspection report by on-site laboratory after inspection and quarantine
5.with custom clearance of general cargo,vehicle and cold chain cargo

Finished-Vehicle Importing Port-National Parallel Automobile Import Pliot Unit
The finished-vehicle importing port is the first of its kind in Sichuan and the second in the hinterland of West China. Its request to become a pilot parallel vehicle-importing unit was approved in September 2016.
1.Finished-vehicle Importing Service: Imported finished-vehicle distribution center, Parallel foreing vehicle wholesale center in West China, Bonded warehousing for imported cars, Supply chain finance of imported finished-vehicle, One-stop customs clearance for importing finished-vehicles.
2.Foreing Car Sales Services: Chengdu International Railway Port Imoported Vehicles Exhibiton and Trading Center,Jinjiang District exhibition and sales for core business communities.
3.Post-sale Marketing Services: Imported vehicle assembly registration, Imported vehicle modification and maintenance, Imported vehicle insurance and repair, Second-hand car trading. 

Service Environment
Key Projects: Implementing the 'four threes' working mode and perfecting the 'one-stop' government service mechanism for big landing projects.

China (Sichuan) Free Trade Experimentation Area Chengdu Railway Port Zone project: Introducing innovations to the reform of the administrative examination and approval system in the railway port and realizing project approval with just one 'official site'; Integrating national and local tax; Deepening the reform of enterprise residence registration experimenting with the  enterprise residence declaration system plus measures for negative list registration, and urging enterprises in the zone to register collectively.

Police Environment
Port-neighboring industries: Corresponding supporting policies should be made regarding fixed-asset investment into projects, scientific and technological innovation, sales revenue and so on.

Service Industries in Business and Trade: Providing housing-rent subsidies, incentives, sales revenues, and conducting relevant qualification certification for enterprises offering goods and service trade that can complete the functions of the port.

Project Funding: a special development fund of RMB 500 million will be set up.

China-Europe regular trains (Chengdu-Europe express trains):
currently the most stable, convenient, economical and safest train service. The transportation time is 2/3 shorter than by sea, and the cost is 7/8 cheaper than by air.
Central Asia Train: The route begins with Qingbaijiang, passes through the Alataw Pass onto foreing soil, and respectively arrives in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, in just 5 to 7 days.
Central Route: The central route, officially opened in April, 2013, starts from Chengdu and ends in Lodz, Poland. It goes abroad via the Alataw Pass in Xinjiang, Passing Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and other contries and finally reaches Poland. It has a total length of 9826 km and the whole journey can be covered in 10 days. The terminal of the route has been extended to Kutno in Poland, Nuremberg in Germany, and Tiburg in Holland.
Southern Route: Officially opened September 2016, it begins in Chengdu and ends in Istanbul, Turkey. It is the first southern route used by China-Europe regular trains, linking Turkey, Iran, and Georgia and covering central, West, and South Asia and Southern Europe. The journey can be covered in 15 days.
Northern Route: Opened in March 2017 and serving as a customized train line, the northern route starts from Chengdu and ends in Moscow, Russia. The next step will cover the CIS and other Eastern European countries.

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