Hi-tech Zone Area


Approved in 1991, CDHT is one of the earliest national hi-tech zones.CDHT ranks 3rd in China's 156 national hi-tech zones.One of the 1st 6 experimented zones to endeavor for world class development zones approved by Ministry of Science and Technology.One of the 1st  property rights model zone and the high-tech industrial standardization  model zone in China, the 1st national intellectual property model zone in Western China.China’s 8th and Western China’s 1st innovation demonstrative zone, approved by State Council. The core area of China(Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone.Sino-ROK  Innovation & Entrepreneurship Park located in CDHT.

In 2016, CDHT realized an industrial added value of 143.6 billion RMB, fixed asset total investment of 63.6 billion RMB, public budget income of  13.4 billion RMB.The bonded zone of Chengdu hi-tech Zone realized 157.3 billion RMB of total import & export, ranking the 3rd in China, 1st in Western China.

CDHT consists of 4 sub-parks, including Southern Park, Western Park, Chengdu Tianfu International Bio-Town, Chengdu Tianfu International Aerotropolis, etc, with a total area of 657 km2.

Southern Park
Planned area: 86.5 km2
Function: to develop modern service industry, the service industry for manufacturing assistance, such as finance, and business service, and to build a modern international area suitable for business and living.

Western Park
Planned area: 43.5 km2
Function: to develop advanced manufacturing, emerging industries with strategic importance, such as new generation IT, bio-pharmacy, hi-end equipment manufacturing, energy saving and environment protection, and to cultivate a hi-end industrial base with global influence.

Chengdu Tianfu International Bio-Town
Total area: 44 km2
Function: to develop biomedicine, biomedical engineering, biological services, smart health and cultivate a world class bio industrial capital of innovation and smart manufacturing .

Chengdu Tianfu International Aerotropolis
Total area: 483 km2
Function: to develop basic industries including aviation industry, ecological industry and airport, information technology, digital creative, transit medical, bio manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection and new materials such as airport, strategic emerging industries, to create a global leader in new economic hub.


Industrial Environment --Incentives

A package of incentive policies has been formulated:
Incentives for Supporting Strategic Emerging Industries;
Incentives for Supporting Science and Technology Innovation;
Incentives for Developing the Finance Industry;
Incentives for Growing the Business Service Industry;
Incentives for Developing Pillar Industries by Utilizing Office Building Resources;
Incentives for Developing Mobile Internet Industry,
Incentives for Attracting High-End Talents 

Industrial Environment --Innovative Talents
Every year there are more than 100 overseas students and doctorial degree talents starting their own businesses in CDHT;  200 foreign experts and more than 10,000 middle level and higher level experts are newly added to the talent pool.  

There are a total of 1000 talents in the national “Recruitment Program of Global Experts”,102 are in the CDHT; 281 talents from the provincial “1000-Talent Recruitment Program” are in the CDHT.

CDHT hosts a national level innovation base for overseas, high-level, national talents.  It is also the 1st overseas talent location in Sichuan Province.  It has 1 billion RMB of special funding available for the talents.

Innovation Platform
The CDHT has a variety of 67 different industrial platforms. 

It possesses the EU’s only project incubation center in China consisting of the Sino-EU Technological Business Cooperation Platform, and a financial service platform called Winpower which is a demonstrative project of science, technology and finance encouraged by China’s 12th 5-year-plan.

The CDHT hosts 75 innovative enterprise incubators, 8 of which are at the national level, covering 2.75 million m2 and hosting more than 12700 companies.

103 National Equities Exchange and Quotations(NEEQ) listed companies in the CDHT , accounting for half of Chengdu, a third of Sichuan Province.  130 companies have been accepted onto the waiting list of the National Equities Exchange and Quotations.

Chengdu Overseas Students (Doctorate) Pioneering Park:
Land area of 330,0000 m2 and total construction area of 220,000 m2 . The first National Overseas Students Pioneering Park, the first base for international scientific and technological cooperation. 1140 overseas and PHD students have found 728 companies here.


Specialized Parks
1.Tianfu Software Park
The largest software park in China. Planned area exceeds 3.7 million m2. 1.9 million m2 has been built up.
Over 620 companies including IBM,  Alcatel, Nokia, SAP, NEC, Conexant, Kingsoft, Huawei, Tencent, etc, have their presence in the park , with 60,000 employees. Tianfu Software Park is the largest and fastest-growing professional software park in China.

2.R&D facilities built up by companies
Symantec, Agilent, MTK, Sunplus, ZTE, China Telecom Tanfo Data Center, China Unicom Southwest Telecom Hub, etc.

3.Mobile Internet Industrial Park
Planned area of 1.74 km2 , with 200+ companies.
Pilot area for mobile internet industrial innovation, concentration area for high-end talents, demonstrative area of application services.

4.Tianfu  Life Science Park
Construction area of 220,000 m2 , with 160+ companies.
An important bio-medical innovation R&D center and an industrial incubator, an important base and platform for the cooperation between international medical & pharmaceutical institutes and western R&D companies. 

5.Financial HQ Business District
Chengdu Financial Headquarter District: with a planned area of 5 km2  and 150+ companies. To be built into a high-end industries accumulation area with perfect amenities.

6.Chengdu Hi-Tech Comprehensive Bonded Zone
Approved by the State Council in Oct.  2010,and passed acceptance check in Feb. 2011.With a total planned area of 4.68 km2. Imports and exports totaled RMB 157.3 billion RMB in 2016, ranking first in Mid-western China. 

7.Community for staffs——International Community
The high-quality multi-use international community located in Dayuan area of the Southern Park and with a total floor space of 260,000 m2, has high-risers and villas for foreign nationals to lease.  

Dormitories with convenient supporting facilities have been built in Southern and Western parks, offering accommodation for employees. Construction areas totals 1.6 million m2, with the capacity to hold 150,000 people. 

The SSCIP is an innovation cluster for hi-tech enterprises that is being jointly developed by Singapore and Sichuan Province, China.

The area in development is 10.34 km2, and the anticipated resident population will amount to 120,000; 120,000-150,000 people will be employed in the SSCIP.  Based on the overall planning principle of integrating industry with urban living, the SSCIP is set to become an innovative model city where industry, culture and nature all co-exist in perfect harmony with one another.
SSCIP is located in Zhonghe Sub district of CDHT southern park, 13 km from the city center, 12 km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, 45 km from Chengdu Tianfu International Airport. 

Seven industrial clusters are planed, including new generation IT industry, bio-medicine, high-end precision manufacturing, energy conservation and environment protection , finance and innovation. 

50% of the land is planned for strategic new industry and pilot service industry; 30% for high-end residences and 20% for commercial facilities. Average plot ratio is 1.4, with a planned construction area of over 14 million m2.Within SSCIP, there are 1 hospital, 13 kindergartens, 7 primary schools, 2 middle schools, 2 police stations, 4 oil/gas stations. 

General planning of the park, regulation and landmark design have been completed. 6 main roads have been constructed. Extension line of Metro Line 1 and Metro Line 6 are under construction.

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