Shuangliu Airport Area


Strategic Positioning
Leading area of development and opening up of western gateway cities
Supporting belt forerunner zone of inland opening-up strategy
Passage hub area of international opening up
New economic highland of inland opening up
Collaborative Opening-up Strategy of Inner Land and Coastal Areas and Borders

Port Platforms
1.Port Service Center

Port joint inspection departments such as the customs and the inspection and quarantine center have settled to the port service center (airport and comprehensive bonded zone ) to provide enterprises with 'one-stop' service and promote '7×24' efficient customs clearance work mode.
2.Airport Freight Station
It is the largest comprehensive freight station in Western China which has a total area of 107000m2 and is capable of handing 1.5 million tons of goods annually. It provides around-the-clock custom clearance service. UPS,FedEx, DHL and SF Express have all opened regular freight transport air routes.
3.International Express Center
With a land area of 25.5 mu and construction area of 22500m2, it is adjacent to the Bonded Logistics Center and a special channel is built to directly reach the new airport freight station.
4.Bonded Logistics Center
With a land area of 135 mu and a construction area of 80000m2, it contains 4 bonded warehouses covering an overall area of 50000m2.

Nine Major Carries
1.International Airport
Shuangliu Airport is an aviation hub in southwestern China as well as the most important passenger and cargo distribution center. Being as an ariport economic system, its construction is driven by aviation hub, dominated by aviation preferential manufacturing industry and supported by aviation related servce industry.
2.Comprehensive Bonded Zone
Comprehensive Bonded Zone is the core part of Sichuan Pilot Free Trade Zone and also the main area for Sichuan to undertake industrial transfer and develop export-oriented economy with the total planning area of 4 km2, which focuses on developing bonded processing and manufacturing, bonded testing and maintenance, international trade, international logistics, bonded finance, bonded culture and other industries.
3.Aviation Power Town
Aviation Power Town develops avation relevant business and living supporting, reserach and development and test platform, aviation service, aviation vocational training and aviation tourism.
4.Tianfu Financial Port
Tianfu Financial Port devotes to promoting the formulation of modern multilevel financial industrial system including the gathering of financial organizations in Chengdu District, the diversification of finance industry, the improvement of financial market, the innovation of financial products and the effciency of financial service.
5.Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park
Actively introduce across-border e-commerce import and export trade and service enterprises to gradually form a cross-border e-commerce industrial park of high-end modern service industries such as e-commerce, international trade, bonded logistics and bonded finance.
6.Military and Civilian Integration Industrial Park
Military and Civilian Integration Industrial Park, driven by key projects, enhances the matchmaking of military and civilian technology, promotes the bidirectional flow of military and civilian innovation factors and cultivates military and civilian inegration hi-tech industry cluster with core competitiveness.
7.Innovation and Entrepreneurship Prak
The innovation and entrepreneurship park, aiming at cultivating successful enterprises and entrepreneurs, establishes a service platform of financial service, public technology, professional service, talent and training, market development, logistics and trade and provide a strong innovation system support for foreing students and scientific and technological talents.
8.Chengdu Chip Valley
Chengdu Chip Valley is an important carrier of Chengdu integrate circuit industry and focuses on the development of IC design, IC manufacturing, IC package test and IC supporting industry chain.
9.Chengdu Tianfu International Biopolis
Chengdu Tianfu International Biopolis is a world renowned bio-industry innovative and entrepreneurial talent habitat, world-level bio-industry innovation and manufacturing city and international life-health town.

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