Tianfu New Area(Chengdu Direct-administrated Area)​


Investment Area
1.Chengdu Science City
South of the Tianfu CBD

Planned Area
73 km2,of which includes 25 km2 start area.

Development Target
·Essential intefral part of Self-dependent Innovation Demonstration Area
·Important platform for international cooperation and communication
·Innovation and entrepreneurship center coordinated among national universities and colleges
·Engine of advanced technology to create the industrial Chengdu city

Spatial Form
Overall plan is conducted over the spatial morphology of the city on the basis of the natural terrain.A cityscape is thus shaped with appropriate density to highlight the natural beauty of lakes and green land. 

Industrail Layout
The start-up area,which around a 3 km2 Xinglong Lake,includes 25 km2.It focuses on the development of information security,intelligent manufacturing,creative design,R&D,new finance and national university-locality cooperative bases.

Endeavoring to construct a innovative,smart,livable and ecological city with characteristics of integration of urban and rural areas,comprehensive facilities and sound ecological environment.

The Tianfu Innovation Center is located in the northwest of Chengdu Science City.It covers an area of 410 mu,with 850000 mgross floor area.Tianfu Innovation Center includes enterprise headquarters park,fortune center,E-commerce center,Tianfu Makers' industrial incubator,residential apartments and commercial area.The Innovation Center has been invested 6 billion RMB so far.Part of the headquarters were completed the construction at the end of 2015 and delivered to the enterprises.

The Tianfu New Financial Center is located at the southwest of Xinlong Lake.Includes an area of 37 mu,it will complet by the end of 2016 and converges the latest financial information from the world's leading financial instiutions and the national major financial settlement institutions in order to build a life of ease.

2.Tianfu CBD
Development Target
The Tianfu CBD is targeted towards a modern,international and high-end Central Business District.

It is located south of Wuhan Road of Tianfu New City and north of the freight railway line.

Spatial Form
Surounding the Tianfu Park which covers a total area of 2 km2,the Tianfu CBD  consists of clusters of high-rise buildings on the east side of the Tianfu Avenue with conferences and exhibitons,and cultural facilities distributed around to form a view of high and low horizons and a well-structured urban spaces layout.

Industrail Layout
It boots metropolitan high-end service indutries,such as conference and exhibiton,Headquarters economy,businesses and commerce,health care service and education,public service and hospitality industry.

The Western International Expo Center includes international exhibition center,international conference center,business center,Sichuan Planning Exhibition Hall,office buildings and hotels.The project covers an area of 1600 mu,and gross floor area is about 840000 m2.The total investment is up to 10 billion RMB.

The first phase is planned to put into use in October,2016.Western Internaitonal Expo City is designated to be the permanent site for Western China International Fair and would be the major venue to hold large conferences and exhibitions in Sichuan.


Investment Environment



Incentive Policies


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