Chengdu Tianfu New Area
Chengdu Tianfu New Area

1.Tianfu New Area(Chengdu Direct-administrated Area)​  (26.45km2)

Priority is given to R&D, technical innovation, big data, cultural and creative industries, engineering design, global cooperation on production capacity, emerging finance, private equity fund, E-finance, financial services, international medical education, exhibition business, headquarters economy, high-end business, bio-medicine, energy conservation and environment protection, tourism services, etc.

2.Hi-tech Zone Area(29.86km2)

Priority is given to high-tech industries, such as new generation of information technology, technology services, R&D, etc. and modern services, such as financial services, international trade, service trade, financial lease, cross-border e-commerce, culture & science education, headquarters economy, etc. Work is under way to explore system and mechanism innovation and develop high-tech industries and modern services.

3.Shuangliu Airport Area(34.1km2)

Chengdu Shuangliu Pilot Free Trade Zone contains three functional sectors like Chengdu International Aviation Hub Integrated Functional Area, Chengdu(shuangliu Area)Hi-tech Comprehensive Bonded Zone and Southwest Air Harbor Economic Development Zone. It mainly develops airport free trade high-end industries such as civil aviation(hub service, aviation maintenance, financial leasing, research and training, and general aviation), modern logistics, cross-border e-commence, bonded manufacturing, bonded culture, international trade and overseas tourism, devoting to create an inland free trade development pilot and opening highland with superior business environment, convenient investment and trade, high effcient supervision, vigor start-up and innovation and strong industrial strength.

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